Out Now: Live Bait


Hard-living, hard-drinking former drug dealer Gordon West has spent most of his years alone, fishing the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. Then one day, fishing for sturgeon, he meets Bob, a man not unlike himself, but the river monster that brings them together is unlike anything they’ve ever seen. The beginning of their friendship marks the end of Portland as giant crayfish, blood bass, and disembodied tentacles rip apart their city. Gordon has no choice but to follow Bob as he sinks deeper into the apocalyptic madness. Live Bait is the story of Gordon West in his own words, written from his prison cell at the end of the world.

Published by Severed Press

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Salmon Reviewed in Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“Whether he’s describing a grandmother who gets pulled into a watery grave by an almost mythological fish or telling the creepy story of a creature that wouldn’t be out of place in an H.P. Lovecraft story, Pierce constantly pulls together concepts from the outmost edges of outré fiction and the kind of unassumingly profound storytelling that made authors like Flannery O’Connor and George Singleton household names.”

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Available Now: Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon


Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon is a book of fathers and sons, love lost andregained, haunted pasts, and snake smuggling. From kidnapping to bank robbing, pursuing rainbow trout to unspeakable monsters, from the deserts of Texas to the desolate forests of Oregon, Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon is about the extreme measures people take to recapture the ones that got away.

Praise for Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon:

“Populated by talking fish, polite fish, sad fish, even fish masquerading as women, perhaps the very strangest thing about Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon is its profound human empathy—which glows as only empathy can. From a girl on the run who trades her body for a safe place to sleep, to sisters who hold on for dear life to the memory of that one year everything was good, Cameron Pierce’s characters live in a gutted fairy-tale world, drowning in the darkest water of life. At the heart of this book is a good heart. It may belong to a fish or a human; the beauty is, we never will know.”
Kate Bernheimer, author of How a Mother Weaned Her Girl from Fairy Tales

“Cameron Pierce leaps Bizarro from the school of worldly fish tales, recalling Grimms’ talking catches, Ueda Akinari’s piscine transformations, and the weird and wonderful angling stories of Richard Brautigan, Robert Jones, and Annie Proulx. But Pierce’s work inhabits a stream of its own. Here are vivid, fantastic, unpredictable and beautifully told stories that swim the seam between achingly believable, heartbreaking human drama and violent bizarre hyper-action and fantasy. Imagine Quentin Tarantino remaking A River Runs Through It. Pierce understands what fascinates, enchants, terrifies and disgusts us about fish, and he brilliantly explores these deep creatures as psychological projections of our best and worst selves.”
Henry Hughes, Oregon Book Award-winning author and editor of The Art of Anglingand Fishing Stories

“Beautiful and weird and bleakly funny as fuck, Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmonpicked up my love along the way and never dropped it off. I’m still riding inside the book’s zesty flesh, gaping through its lidless eyes at a world transformed.”
John Skipp, New York Times bestselling author of The Bridge (w/ Craig Spector)

“Part Terry Bisson, part Cormac McCarthy, part rocket launcher—Pierce’s Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon brilliantly uses the fishing prism to examine loss, living without, and never having had.”
Weston Ochse, author of SEAL Team 666

Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon seemed like stories Kafka and Edgar Allan Poe would write if they were fishing buddies: men turn into fish, women reveal themselves to be fish, men fall in love with other men while cooking fish in the jungles of Vietnam…and through it all Cameron Pierce guides you with taut prose and a kind of fucked up heart.”
Elizabeth Ellen, author of Fast Machine

Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon is a book that only Cameron Pierce could write. He manages to masterfully blend the best parts of Bizarro & literary fiction to make something that is beautiful, creepy, tender, brutal, and completely and 100% unique.”
Juliet Escoria, author of Black Cloud

“I like my short story collections like I like my men: thoughtful, funny, and talking often of fish.”
Amelia Gray, author of Museum of the Weird and Threats

“I was submerged in every one of these stories. Sometimes terrified, sometimes sad, sometimes laughing hard. Some of the imaginings were insane. There were man-sized fish and talking fish and there were normal fish too. The fish brought messages of doom. But the world was familiar. A planet of disappointments and loss and whiskey and friends. That’s what I like so much about Cameron’s writing. That’s what I loved about this book.”
Ben Brooks, author of Grow Up

Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon is Hemingway’s In Our Time re-mixed by Kafka and David Lynch—an enormous heart in a puddle of river water. It’s in the subtle distortions of reality in these stories we find the deeper truths reality can’t offer or even afford us. And in the not so subtle stories, we’re in for a thrill of a fucking ride.”
Troy James Weaver, author of Wichita Stories